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Explore the many tiny home or alternative housing communities, and tiny house friendly places that we have visited. There many approaches and models, all with varying degrees legality.

 Llamalopolis in downtown Las vegas

Llamalopolis in downtown Las vegas

7 Insights into Tiny House Community Life

After visiting over 17 tiny house communities we have learned that there's much more to tiny living than minimalism. It's a total rethink of daily life and what it means to be a neighbor.

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Which Tiny House Community is Right for You?

 DIY Tiny in Asheville, NC

DIY Tiny in Asheville, NC

As the tiny house movement gains momentum, states and cities are updating their codes to make it easier to build—and live in—tiny homes. As a result, entire communities of tiny homes are on the rise. There are now more than 50, by our count. Tiny home communities come in several different types.

By our count, there are now 50-plus tiny home communities from coast to coast, and that’s only the beginning. This breakdown of the types of communities, explored during our travels, out there will help you zero in on the right spot for you.


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 Orlando Lakefront at College Park, A RV & Tiny House Community

Orlando Lakefront at College Park, A RV & Tiny House Community

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New Communities

what's in the works

Mega Tiny Home Communities Coming to Austin Area

Luxury Living or Value-Packed Community Experience?

The estimated cost of community living will begin at $725-1,100 for monthly lot rent, which is around the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Austin. Add on the purchase of your own Kasita or Sprout Tiny Home model. Are the expansive amenities and close proximity to downtown Austin worth the cost?  For Kasita CEO Jeff Wilson, the answer is yes:

We are proud to announce a partnership to create a new model of home ownership – without the land. Think about it someplace between renting and owning while living a lifestyle that is green, minimal, and community-centric.

Experimental Baltimore Community

Now Accepting Applications

Cantori Cares is seeking tiny house dwellers to submit proposals to participate in an innovative Baltimore urban farm caretaker cottage project.

Our goal is to establish a sustainable off-grid tiny home demonstration project working with the land, the community, and each other in showing that it is very possible to live a great life without exploiting others, creating a nuisance, or wasting resources.
— Greg Cantori

Tiny Home Community Variables:

  • Intended for moveable tiny houses, aka tiny house on wheels and/or tiny houses on foundation

  • Include professionally built and/or DIY built tiny homes

  • Rentals: tiny house or lot rentals (short or long term)

  • Created for those who've made a lifestyle choice.

  • Created for low-income housing, including full-time, part-time and/or transitional housing

  • Legal status— see our docu-series Living Tiny Legally to learn more

For more, explore the gallery for details, and get INSPIRED!