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Latest Advocacy News & Victories

Tiny house advocacy efforts are happening all over the country. They need your help! Here we share the latest legalize tiny efforts, calls to action, and of course, victories. Follow along to stay up-to-date on important news. Please email us any relevant information that you would like us to share.

Local advocacy Leaders

Local advocacy Leaders

Great Barrington, MA Planning Board Considers Adding Movable Tiny Houses to their Zoning Code, 3/7/19

The Great Barrington, MA planning board is considering adding movable tiny houses (aka tiny houses on wheels) to their zoning code.

Please attend the hearing on Thursday, 3/7 at 6pm.

Jonathan Hankin is the chair of the GB planning board, a real estate agent, and an architect. He is also a fan of tiny houses. He writes: "As proposed, MTH's will only be allowed as an ADU which means there has to be a primary dwelling. It seems that defining it as an ADU is hopefully the path of least resistance. Still need a 2/3 majority at town meeting to allow them. Tiny houses that are put on a foundation are already permitted as an ADU under our current bylaw but would, of course, need to meet the stretch code adopted by GB. We are also seeking to increase the allowable number of ADU's to two."

Contact Katie Jackson, of B&B Micro Manufacturing and Northeast Regional Director of American Tiny House Association

Washington Considers Statewide Tiny House Legislation, March Vote

The state of Washington is considering these statewide tiny house bills:

  • Senate Bill 5382 (tiny house ADUs):  would allow for Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit Tiny Homes to be allowed for like a mother in law unit.

  • Senate Bill 5383 (tiny house villages): would allow for cities and counties to develop villages and communities specific for tiny homes without them taking the liability risk.

  • Senate Bill 5384 (tiny houses – rural siting): would allow for vineyards, farms and outside of Urban Growth Areas( UGA ) to place a tiny home on that property

  • House Bill 1206  (tiny house use in Manufactured Home Communities): would allow for Tiny homes to be placed legally in Mobile Home parks also known as Manufactured home communities.

WANT TO HELP? Reach out to your representatives! Here’s easy how-to guide.

Follow and contact the Washington Tiny House Association for more information.

Local advocacy organization

Local advocacy organization

Call-to-Action from Pocket Mansions: The public hearing took place on 2/6/2019. The WA State Senate won't actually vote on this bill for at least a month so we need EVERYONE who loves tiny houses to flood them with e-mails and phone calls to show how important this legislation is!

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Groundbreaking Ceremony, 2/9/19

The long-awaited groundbreaking for the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village is happening Saturday, February 9th. The first community of it’s kind— THOW only inside city limits, using the IRC Tiny House Appendix Q!

San Luis Obispo, CA APPROVES Movable Tiny Houses as ADUs

San Luis Obispo becomes the second California city to approve movable tiny houses, aka tiny houses on wheels, as accessory dwelling units. To take effect March 5, 2019. They follow in Fresno’s footsteps, as documented in Living Tiny Legally, Part 1. This is the fourth ordinance of its kind in the entire US. Read the zoning ordinance in it’s entirety here.

The city of Los Angeles is working towards adopting a similar ordinance.

WeeCasa, tiny house hotel in Lyons

WeeCasa, tiny house hotel in Lyons

Lyons, CO Approves Movable Tiny Houses as ADUs, 9 Permits NOW Available

After three years of pushing for legalization, Lyons became the first Coloradoan city to approved tiny houses on wheels, aka movable tiny houses, as accessory dwelling units. This charming little city in Boulder County is also home to the WeeCasa tiny house hotel. Local advocacy efforts were led by Simblissity Tiny Homes. Read the full zoning ordinance here.

The city of Boulder is now working towards a similar ordinance. Many local advocates have been pushing for this for years. Important progress was spurred in the Fall of 2018, after a college student was initially evicted from his tiny house located in a backyard. For a month his tiny house sat in storage, while he and his hosts worked with the city to try and find a solution. GOOD News: the city granted a temporary allowance for the non-conforming structure, while they work toward a long-term solution, city-wide.