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What defines home for each of us is incredibly personal and more often than not comes from a place of love.

Home represents a beautiful spectrum of meanings. Each meaning is valid. Nothing is more intimate than one's homea place, a structure, a feeling, a state of mind... For us, home is a sense of community. A feeling of belonging and security. A place of our own, where we can be our best selves. It's our cozy tiny home; it's simply being together.

We carry home with us, the essence of what home means to us. When we stop, what’s inside begins to manifest outside of ourselves.
— Vince Cannino, Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County

There’s nothing like building or living in an unconventional house to make you reconsider the idea of what makes home, home. The meaning of home is very personal and goes beyond the physical structure. Home is a state of mind. Even those with no roof over their heads can have sense of home.

Home can be anywhere. Where my family is, but what is family? Home is where you can be yourself, surrounded by loved ones whether friends or family, to find comfort.
— Audra Volpi, Tiny Houses Greensboro

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 Elvis Summers of

Elvis Summers of

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.
— Maya Angelo
 Community First! Village

Community First! Village

 Christian & Alexis with Illustrator/ Author Duo, Courtenay Fletcher & Susan Bernardo

Christian & Alexis with Illustrator/ Author Duo, Courtenay Fletcher & Susan Bernardo

After a serendipitous meeting with author, Susan Schaefer Bernardo, she was inspired to write a children's book based on our salvage-built tiny home on wheels and all our Tiny House Expedition adventures.

"An old farmhouse that gets recycled into something new: TINY, a little house with a big heart – and WHEELS! "

The Big Adventures of Tiny House is a story of adventure and community, and most importantly a fresh take on the meaning of home. Susan and Courtenay beautifully capture the spirit of the tiny house movement— a pioneering lifestyle centered around meaningful experiences and friendships, and adorably charming to boot. This is sure to become a classic, beloved by tiny house enthusiasts of all ages!

 Illustration from "The Big Adventures of tiny house" by Courtenay fletcher

Illustration from "The Big Adventures of tiny house" by Courtenay fletcher

He could be a home anywhere, because home wasn’t a place.
Home was a feeling, a smile on your face.
Home was friendship and singing and a full happy heart -
it was sharing good meals and where you hung up your art.
Whether you dropped your anchor
or decided to roam,
what called to your heart
could still be called home.
— The Big Adventures of Tiny House
 Illustration of Tiny House Expedition

Illustration of Tiny House Expedition

What does home mean to you? 

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Home Tour of America

A Tiny House Expedition & Home State Apparel Collaboration

Home State Apparel & Tiny House Expedition have a shared appreciation for the many meanings of home. As we travel the country, we explore the diverse landscapes & people of America to find out what makes home, home.

Where ever your adventure takes you there’s that one place that evokes a feeling of love so deep, grounded, warm and accepting that we simply call it home. Our unique line of Apparel and Home Goods seek to hold you comfortably in that home state no matter where you may be.
— Home State Apparel
 tiny house expedition & home state apparel collabl

tiny house expedition & home state apparel collabl

Home tour of america, tiny house expedition & home state apparel collab

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes


Meet Cody & Randi Hennigan, the DIY tiny house on wheels builders behind The Best Little House in Texas. Their home was lovingly crafted with materials that represent memories and experience of growing up and falling in love in Texas. The result, a beautifully minimal but rich living space that perfectly reflects their personalities.

Home to us being together. Being in the space where we’re always close to each other, within earshot.
— Cody


What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas... Meet Megan & Jeff, the DIY tiny house builders behind They are never happier than when they're building their wheeled, just-right ticket to adventure. While living in Vegas they discovered a pioneering, free-spirited quality to desert life and a unique community vibe.


Makers & minimalists, Cheyenne and Blake are a Tulsa based couple creating a different kind of home, their new ticket to adventure. Their Bluebird Adventure is a skoolie in the making-- converting a school bus into a tiny home on wheels. Forty feet of possibilities! Their bus sits next to Blake's shop in the backyard of their "big" 1100 square foot house. The plan is to travel & explore the country with their mobile home but Tulsa, OK, will always hold their hearts and serve as their home base.


Western Tennessee is home to brothers, Joe & John Everson of Tennessee Tiny Homes and Tiny Happy Homes. They build dreams. At anyone time, their shop has 5-10 in-progress dreams or hand crafted tiny homes. This is a family business deeply rooted in the western Tennessee culture. Joe & John are passionate, down to earth dreamers and makers. Step into their home.

A house is made of bricks and beams, a home is made of love and dreams.
— Unknown

North Carolina

On a majestic mountain top in western North Carolina, sits a delightfully rustic modern cabin. This little slice of heaven is home to the Shirey family-- Terri, Matthew, Liam (6) and Asa (3). Terri & Matthew have lived all over the country but feel most at home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lovers of its beauty, culture, craft & community.