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FREE Online Tiny House Summit

FREE Online Tiny House Summit!

This talk will explore the diversity of tiny house communities across the US. An in-depth look at various existing community models— the pros, the cons, legalities and feedback from the neighbors.

About the Tiny House Summit

  • Awesome (and growing) Line-up of Keynote Speakers:

Alexis Stephens, Abel Zimmerman Zyl, Macy Miller, Andrew Bennett, Andrew Odom, Becky Elder, Brad Kittel, Chris Galusha, Chrissy Bellmyer, Damon DesChamp, Darin Zaruba, Darren Hughes, David & Jeanie Stiles, Felice Cohen, Hari Berzins, Jake & Kiva, Jay Shafer, John & Finn Kernohan, Kelly Hart, Keri Fivecoat-Campbell, Pat Dunham, Saul Rip Hansen, Thom Stanton, Tracey Powell, Valerie Cook & Tim Boffe, Vera Struck, and Zack Giffin. 

  • Inspiring Community Presentations:

Anyone who want to can submit to present a live session during the Summit on a tiny/small-related topic. Including “Powering Your Tiny House With SOLAR!” by Michael Chance, “Airbnbing Your Tiny House” by Sarah Murphy, “How to Downsize and De-Clutter Before You Go Tiny” by Jenn Baxter, and “Urban Voluntary Simplicity: How to Downsize Your Living Space Without Leaving the City” by Terry K. Kudos to each of them! And you can add your name to this list, just visit the Summit community network at and look for the directions to submit a session proposal (

  • Insightful Webinars! 

“Webinar - Drilling Down on Tiny House as DIY (Do It Yourself),” with Jake & Kiva, Domenic Mangano, and Tracey Powell
“Rubi Builds a Tiny House on Wheels as Senior Project.” You’re going to love her practical, thoughtful, and detailed description of building her own tiny house.

Check out the community site,

  • The updated list of current keynote speakers.

  • The webinar recordings.

  • A great reading list of books about tiny houses and tiny/small living!

  • The community presentations that are going to be given during the Summit (and the form to propose your own presentation if you want).

  • Forum discussions areas to communicate with other members of the network.

  • Your own profile page, plus the ability to upload photos and/or videos, to create specialty groups, or to blog.