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Tiny House Tour, Presentation & Potluck

Tiny Houses as a Tool to Fight Homelessness

Hosted by Makes A Village

Tiny houses could be a way to help displaced and unaffordably-housed Angelenos find their place again.

Social entrepreneur Kevin Polk, of Makes A Village LLC, will lead a discussion about how to help displaced and unaffordably housed Angelenos create jobs and build their own safe, legal housing.


The event is FREE. Bring a potluck dish & something to drink. First 30 RSVPs only.

12:00 pm Pot Luck
12:30 Tiny House Tour with Alexis and Christian of Tiny House Expedition
1:00 Presentation and Petition Signing Party

Kevin is circulating petitions to raise money to build his tiny house and micro tiny house prototypes. If you sign all 14 petitions, it will raise $30 toward that cost.