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5 Hidden Costs of Owning a Tiny House

Guest Post by Jenny Harrison

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Are you among those who have recently joined the tiny house movement? Tiny houses are a cost-effective option for people who want to enjoy the American dream of owning a home with a little cost. These cost-effective miniature living quarters are no larger than 500 square feet. People are downsizing their home and going to the minimalist lifestyle to save some money so that they could spend their savings on other essential things like traveling and living close to their families.

If you have also been bitten by the bug of micro-dwelling movement, and want to own a tiny living quarter, you need to scrutinize all the facets of tiny house living. Apart from the overall cost saving benefits of tiny house living, there are also some hidden costs that you must know them before getting into that micro living standard. These hidden costs of living in the tiny house may seem negligible, but when summed up at the end of the year, these costs will take a bite out of your overall savings.

Let’s take a look at the secret costs of owning a tiny home.

1) The laundry cost

Can you put a washing machine in a 180-500 square feet home? It might be difficult because people usually do not have that enough space in their tiny home. You are required to spend $1.75 per load on washing and $1.00 per load to dry (2 loads per week). These sums up to $22.00 per month or about $264 per year laundry cost (exclusive of the traveling cost).  

If you want to avoid the weekly trip costs of the laundry, consider purchasing a portable washing machine (designed for boathouses and RV living) for your tiny house. In about six months, the cost will have recouped. But still, you need to go to the laundry occasionally to wash blankets or beach towels and other bulky items. Portable washing machines seem to be a great compromise between the affordability and tiny house living

2) Going to the grocery store more often will cost you extra money

You cannot buy food items in bulk because you don’t have enough space in your tiny fridge and one food cabinet. Buying items in small packaging means, you are required to make more shopping trips which in turn leads to higher traveling costs. Plus you wouldn’t be able to save money by stocking up the food when it goes on sale. This will make your life busier and more expensive.

3) You might want to buy a storage unit for extra important things

Micro-dwelling living can be challenging. You need to take a hard look at your possessions as space is a principal asset for tiny house dwellers. There is only room for the essentials and few luxury items. You may require rent a storage unit or buying a shed for the necessary things that you can’t part with, and they won’t fit in your tiny house. This small monthly payment adds up quickly, and you will be surprised by how much your spending on an annual basis.

4) The cost of parking your tiny house in different areas

You have to lease or rent an area to park your home if you don’t own land. you will need to budget for varying lot lease fees for RV parks and tiny house communities or rent for parking in someone else’s backyard. If you want to move to different areas with your tiny house, then you will need to budget for varying lot lease fees for RV parks and tiny house communities or rent for parking in someone else’s backyard. When you move to new places, you will face parking issues like where you can park your tiny home, and where you cannot.  If you want to stay long-term, you may want to work with local authorities to meet their zoning requirements or update their ordinances Rural areas will be cheaper regarding parking space or raw land cost, but don’t forget about utility grids connection fees.

Before moving into a new house, research the cost of living in the area, including land leases, rent or land payments and other factors. Factor these costs in your budget.

Tiny houses are great for those who want to downsize their life to live in a minimalist way. There are undeniably many benefits regarding the savings of owning a tiny home, but as you know that nothing is perfect in the world, and everything has some drawbacks. But trust me; these are negligible if you compare them to other investments of a bigger house.

Embrace tiny house living! Are there other hidden costs? Let us know in the comments  below.



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