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Zack Giffin, the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Tiny House Lover...

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Get YOUR Zack Giffin signed tee just in time for Christmas! Perfect gift for the tiny house enthusiast in your life.

Who comes to mind when you think of the nation's most popular tiny house TV show, professional skiing and a guy you really want to have beers with?  Zack Giffin, of course!

Somehow I found myself on a television show, where I think it has definitely been the first point of contact for a lot of people when they first start hearing about tiny houses and the tiny house movement. And to me that comes with a big deal of responsibility, because I actually believe in tiny houses...as a way we can start working on living more harmoniously with this world.
— Zack Giffin
 Some of Zack's handy work, As Featured on Tiny House Nation.  192 Sq. FT. Bird House, S2 E 6 , also known as The Window to the Wild tiny house 

Some of Zack's handy work, As Featured on Tiny House Nation. 192 Sq. FT. Bird House, S2 E 6, also known as The Window to the Wild tiny house 

Zack is the dynamic co-host of Tiny House Nation and a tiny house designer & builder extraordinaire.  Not only has he used his passion, dedication and creativity to bring to life the tiny home dreams of numerous individuals, Zack is also a passionate housing advocate.

He has used his celebrity status and impressive skill-set to support many good causes, including  partnering with Operation Tiny Home on their Build A Better Future Program. This is an inspiring TH building workshop program that has empowered over sixty veterans while building two homes for veterans in need.

Zack also advocated for the tiny house appendix for the IRC at the International Code Council's public hearing. As you have likely heard, this historic appendix has now been officially approved! More on that here. The behind-the-scenes story of how this was made possible and how this appendix can help you, will be featured in Living Tiny Legally, Part 2, now in-production. 

 Jeremy Weaver, Andrew Morrison, David Latimer, Zack Giffin, BA Norrgard, Macy Miller, James Herndon & Jet Regan celebrating at the ICC public hearings. 

Jeremy Weaver, Andrew Morrison, David Latimer, Zack Giffin, BA Norrgard, Macy Miller, James Herndon & Jet Regan celebrating at the ICC public hearings. 

The movement to me is not just this kind of theoretical thing, it’s people I meet all over the country, and the one common denominator I constantly find is just big hearts, great intentions & a lot of passion.
— Zack Giffin

In October 2016, OperationTinyHome.org and Zack Giffin teamed up with the Veterans Community Project in Kansas City for a 3 day Tiny House building workshop. The aim was to build a house, benefit the Veterans Community Project (VCP) and bring Veterans together while teaching the participants the skills necessary to construct their own Tiny Houses.

At this year's Tiny House Jamboree, Zack was approached by passionate enthusiast by the name of Gloria VonFelt (Tiny Living in a Big World) to help support another good cause. Gloria is the kind of lady who can't sit still because she's too busy trying to help everybody.  She volunteers at as many tiny house events as possible, and is continuously brainstorming ways to help spread awareness to support various tiny house projects.  

Tees with a purpose!

Gloria launched a new super cute and fun endeavor to help support the TH community, Tiny House Tees-n-More. Gloria kindly asked Zack to autograph a few tees to support our project.  She generously donated three Zack Giffin signed t-shirts to our project, Tiny House Expedition, to use as a fundraiser. BIG thanks to both Gloria and Zack for their support!

One-of-kind tees! Make a bid TODAY! 

Show your passion for tiny houses with these one-of-a-kind t-shirts. There are three super soft, Zack Giffin autographed t-shirts up for auction, each signed in unique locations. Make your bid on Ebay today! The auctions ends on Sunday the 18th.

The proceeds of the auctions will support the making of Living Tiny Legally, Part 2

MORE Gift Ideas! Tiny House Expedition Tees Available Now

Tiny house designer Zack Giffin describes how simple living gives him the freedom to explore the world with his house in town. 

Zack Giffin of Tiny House Nation speaks about Tiny: A Movement for the People, by the People. Full length presentation from the National Tiny House Jamboree 2015. 

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

-Alexis & Christian, Tiny House Expedition