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Zack Giffin, Beyond Tiny House Nation

Tiny: A Movement For the People, By the People

At the Tiny House Jamboree

Zack Giffin, best known as the inventive tiny house builder and cohost of the widely popular show, Tiny House Nation. His full length presentation from the National Tiny House Jamboree 2015 is now available on our YouTube channel. Zack is incredibly humble & genuinely passionate about the tiny house movement.

The movement to me is not just this kind of theoretical thing, it’s people I meet all over the country, and the one common denominator I constantly find is just big hearts, great intentions & a lot of passion.
— Zack Giffin


Somehow I found myself on a television show, where I think it has definitely been the first point of contact for a lot of people when they first start hearing about tiny houses & the tiny house movement. And to me that comes with a big deal of responsibility, because I actually believe in tiny houses...as a way we can start working on living more harmoniously with this world
— Zack Giffin
Here's a guy we want to have a beer with!

Here's a guy we want to have a beer with!

I have a message of unity for you guys. I think that one thing that has been really amazing in our movement, that allowed it to grow to this place, is that it started from a very welcoming, friendly, open place. I think it’s really important that we remember that, and we try to keep it that way. Because what I’m trying to do it is spread the message across the land & try to make it appetizing for people, so that they can start to consider the actual facts about what it is and not just think of what their neighbor might say...If I do my job right, it seems fun & cool & way that you can expand your life...
— Zack Giffin

Video #3 of 5 from #TeamTinyX at THJ 2015. #4 goes live tomorrow!

One more full length presentation to come PLUS a short with key insights & advice from tiny house movement leaders. 1 video/day through Friday!

Watch & be inspired!