Across North America

Explore the many tiny home or alternative housing communities, and tiny house friendly places that we have visited. There many approaches and models, all with varying degrees legality.

Llamalopolis in downtown Las vegas

Llamalopolis in downtown Las vegas

7 Insights into Tiny House Community Life

After visiting over 17 tiny house communities we have learned that there's much more to tiny living than minimalism. It's a total rethink of daily life and what it means to be a neighbor.

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Tiny House Community Variables:

  • Intended for moveable tiny houses, aka tiny house on wheels and/or tiny houses on foundation

  • Include professionally built and/or DIY built tiny homes

  • Rentals: tiny house or lot rentals (short or long term)

  • Created for those who've made a lifestyle choice.

  • Created for low-income housing, including full-time, part-time and/or transitional housing

  • Legal status— see our docu-series Living Tiny Legally to learn more

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