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Solavore Sport Solar Oven

Off-Grid Ready

Portable Solar Cooking Package Complete with All Season Solar Reflectors, 2 Granite Ware Pots, Oven Thermometer, and Water Pasteurization Tool


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Ebook by Andrew Odom

"First and foremost this book will give you the confidence and integrity to approach any sponsor with a Win-Win attitude...This is an eBook not before seen in the tiny house community and not soon to be rivaled. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming public or being a rolling billboard for corporate America there are sure to be tips included that may give you confidence to even just barter with a local business. There is no reason to wait. There are sponsorships to be had. You just have to ask!"


Built-in Roll Out Bed

"Turn your home office or detached studio into a beautiful and cozy guest bedroom in less then 3 minutes with our Built-In Roll Out Bed. Plans are in full color and include a cut list and step-by-step instructions. And while the bed is designed for a queen mattress it can easily be altered for any size mattress. This is a small space must-have!"


How-to Decorate the Tiny House

"Do you have a flair for the decadent? Does your style read more modern bohemia than Appalachian cabin? Maybe you prefer color over monochromatic. Whatever the case, this e-Book is the one for you. With pages of full-color eye candy and great tips for your tiny space How-To Decorate is ideal for those who are dreaming and those who are styling!"